Sunday, 30 August 2015

Gorkamorka kommishun - trukkin' on

Here it is, the second weekly self-motivational post. I did get something done, though of course nowhere near as much as I would've liked. Monday and Tuesday (or was it Tuesday and Wednesday?) were absolutely terrible. I absolutely couldn't get myself to do anything at all. Eventually I just gave up and decided to wait it out in my bed with a good book to kill the time. Downtime has passed at some point though and I did some minor progress on the boyz before finally starting on the vehicles.

As you can see on the group shot, there really isn't that much progress, and the vehicles are mostly just mock-ups to see how my sketched ideas hold up when smashed into the unyielding wall of reality. There's gonna be four of them, and I decided to split the variations evenly, so there's gonna be two trukks and two buggies, one wheeled and trakked of each kind.

Here's the beginnings of the trakked trukk. Decided to use the big trakk as a base, as it means I don't have to fiddle too much with fitting the treads. I didn't assemble them the way FW intended, instead I went for a triangular shape, to give the whole vehicle a wedge profile. Totally not inspired by Immortan's Gigahorse, no. It did take a lot of trial and error test fitting, but eventually it works quite well with only a minor modification of the idler wheel (a bit of plasticard for spacing) The powerplant will be built out of two engines. The regular trukk one, and a bigger kustom one based on a resin block I made once when building a trukk that didn't yet get finished. They are swapped in this picture, because quick blu-tack mock-up and all that. Also, totally not inspired by the War Rig in any way, why would you think that?

And here's a super early buggy mock-up that's basically five loose bits put together on top of each other. As it turns out, FW used part of the trukk frame in their kit, which means the turbine fits perfectly into upside-down GW frame. Which is nice, because time savings. It eventually will become a trakked buggy, the rear part of the frame needs to be cut off and flipped upside-up.

The aforementioned sketches. You can see the two above being conceived.

And the slightly touched-up boyz. Savage got his missing muscles sculpted, and a spare mag added along with a strap. Mechagit had a shoota arm put together, just needs a few staples and a tube or two, and the spanna got a  fully scratchbuilt six-shoota. I just can't resist scratchbuilding. How are people even capable of putting kits together according to instructions? I know I should limit it to the minimum on this project, but I just can't half-ass things. I'm a bloody perfectionist who either goes big or goes home with this stuff and I'm not sure if that's a blessing or a curse. 

That's all for this week's update. Thanks for reading and see you until next time.


  1. There is just so much win here. I am really enjoying this project come together. Please continue!

  2. I'm with Tim. I love all this work going on here. Everything is just so awesome!

  3. Guys, guys shush!
    You're making me blush.

    See, you're so awesome I wrote you a poem. And I never write them, which shows how awesome you are for taking the time to let me know my work is appreciated. That means a lot, thank you. And congratulations to Tim for being the second commenter on this blog, wohoo!