Saturday, 15 August 2015

Gorkamorka kommishun - 'alfway dere

As far as the boyz go, at least. Finished up another few boyz, bringing the completed total up to thirteen plus one in progress. Somehow got a tiny bit of a motivation spurt the last few days. Didn't even get stopped by the on/off switch in my mini-drill finally dying. Crawled out to the town in blistering heat and bought a replacement one, along with twenty new blades and a secret thingy. Glad my super basic soldering skills were enough to fix the damn thing, I can't imagine working without it. Neither can I be arsed to dump money on a new one. Anyways, group picture:

As you can see, the crossbow and kannon boyz got finished, and three new were completed, one with a flail and a choppa, another one with a shoota and what can pass as flak armour, I guess and a slaver with a whip, net and a slugga.

First up then, the crossbow boy. I pretty much described him in the previous post. Added a few small details to the crossbow, gave him a quiver, with the arrows replaced with bolts and sculpted up the gaps. Both arms are glued to the weapon but removable for painting.

The kannon git. Same as above, added details, sculpted up gaps, arms removable. Might give him a pack of cigars to go with the head.

Now, the melee boy. Or maybe yoof. Regular boy legs cut up for a running pose, mek torso from the burna/loota box, flail made from the pipe arm from biker kit, choppa hand from boyz box, chain from bikerz and a piece of an old ork warbike. Choppa arm from the stormboyz box.

Shoota boy. Pretty straight up kitbash. Fantasy torso, biker head, AoBR big shoota that was missing its barrel, choppa arm with the choppa removed and wrist repositioned.

The slaver. Mostly a simple kitbash as well. Slaver body and whip arm from the grot box, stormboy head, slugga arm comes from an AoBR boy, slugga was cut up and mixed with plasticard according to one of my designs. Needs a bit of grenstuff in places. Net made by putting thing gs rolls on a grid, waiting for it to cure up a bit and then folding/bundling it up and adding a few balls as weights. Could probably look better but it doesn't look utter shit either, so I'm happy. Guess the paintjob will sell that one.

And the work in progress spanna/driver. This one was somewhat tricky. I wanted to use the stormboy torso, because of the quite fitting aviator jacket/seatbelt harness look. Of course the way they're designed, I'd have to cut up the legs a ton and then figure out what to do with the back. Instead, I took a slightly mangled regular boy torso, sawn the front off, glued the two together, filled gaps with cheap putty and then sculpted the missing detail with greenstuff. Will give him a blowtorch on the back and a handgun of some sort. Also, a work in progress wrench.

Now for the secret purchase I mentioned at the beginning. I bought this:


A silicone-tipped sculpting tool. Man, it makes smoothing out greenstuff (and sculpting in general) so much easier. You can see the effects on the spanna. I feel a very strong urge to try sculpting something totally from scratch now. Yes, it's that awesome.

And on this hyped-up note I shall end this post. Thanks for reading and see you next time!


  1. Mike,
    Did you happen to purchase a particular brand? Been looking for a new sculpting tool! Boyz look great. The spanner guy and crossbow guy are my favs!

    1. Nah, no brand in particular. Just went to the local art store and picked the better of the two types available. Better in this case being two firmer tips at the same price as the single tipped ones. Can't really imagine how different brands would affect the way a blob of silicone on a stick works.

      I'd say go for the one that has the tip shapes and firmness that you find suitable. I think I recall reading that the firmer ones are better as you can shape stuff easily, while still being able to use it to smooth stuff out. Not entirely sure though, also not that great of a sculptor yet to give my own advice. Which I just did. Oops.

      Also, glad to hear you like my work!

    2. Thanks Mike! Appreciate the response. I'll pick one up based on your feedback!