Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Gorkamorka kommishun - sluggin' forward

Yeah, so after the last post things went rather unexpectedly downhill. Nothing serious really, just that I hit another one of those periods when there's no point to anything and I can't ever seem to get anything done. It went on for a week. Since I was completely unable to get any creative work done, I decided to settle on re-creative instead. I just sat comfortably in my bed, took out a sketchbook I got specifically to draw stuff for this project that sat unused so far, because I hate my drawing skills (or lack thereof) and went about sketching down all the gunz found in Gorkamorka rulebooks' illustrations. Well, almost all of them, there were a few designs I opted to skip (again, lazy days). A slow drawing session later, this was the result:

What it provides me with, is quick access to handy reference on a single piece of paper. Which is especially useful when trying to come up with my own designs. Not having to flip through the entire book every few minutes helps immensely and makes copypasting ideas way easier.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Gorkamorka - da kommishun projekt

'ere it is den! Da projekt wot I kept mentioning da 'ole time. Gorkamorka it is!

Why am I building stuff for Gorkamorka even though I don't really have a playable 40k army after two years? Well, I've accidentally been commissioned to build two Ork mobs for the game and after a bunch of emails being exchanged I decided to roll with it. I'm supposed to build 20 boyz (including nobz, spannerz and all that), 10 grots, 3 bikes and 4 vehicles (mix of trukks and buggies, 2 regular, 2 trakked) The picture below shows what I'm working with. Of course, my ridiculously large hoard of bits comes in handy every now and then.

I'm having quite a lof of fun with it so far. The range of options is naturally way better than your regular 40k boyz mob, which is pretty much all I've done so far and it's great to play around with. Also, since I'm mostly supposed to convert rather than scratchbuild, things are going faster than I'm used to, which is super nice as well. 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Rokk 'ard, ride free - Da biker nobz

Alright then! Last one of the catch-up posts is here. That means the next one will be of an ongoing project and it should hopefully continue like that. Those are the last minis that I've finished, a trio of nob bikerz that were painted together with the looted wagon.

Once upon a time I bought a box of bits and various crap that looked reasonably useful for its price, though later it turned out to be mostly crappy recasts of various ork parts and I kinda set it aside. Once I actually dug through it fully, I found about ten old ork warbikes, along with a bunch SM/CSM ones. Ended up trading the SM ones to my local crack dealer* buddy for some more ork bitz and decided to see what I can do with the rest. Since I usually tend to overcomplicate things on the first go, I went for nobz rather than regular bikerz, meaning I'd have to make sure they're bigger than regular warbikes.