Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Gorkamorka kommishun - ackshuly not ded yet

Eeh, I don't really know what to start with. Apart from the fact that I'm pretty pissed about taking three months since the last post and having almost no progress to show for it, when I actually wanted to be done with this project by the end of March. But I'm really bad at judging how much time stuff will take me to do. Finishing up my last semester of uni and my thesis paper afterwards took longer to wrap up than I thought. On the plus side, it means I am now done with school and in theory can focus all my time on hobby related stuff. What's more, it means I'm at that point in life where I should make a decision regarding my future plans. And I really would like to try and see if I could get anywhere with miniatures and related stuff. I feel like there's still a plenty of niches yet to be filled that I could tackle. As a result of entrepreneurship classes this semester we were supposed to write up a business plan and I unless I was way off, it seems like it could maybe work out. If it doesn't, there's not a ton of investment involved and I could simply proceed to apply for master's degree course of some sort next year. I just want a break after all the years of education to try and go for some of the many plans and ideas I kept having for the past year or two. However, while I think I'm capable of putting out quality stuff (mostly according to others, my self esteem isn't really that high in regard to anything) it's the pace at which I can do that that concerns me mostly. If it's gonna go anywhere near as good as this project, I might as well not bother at all.

But enough of that, let's cover the stuff I've done since last post. Starting with Gorkamorka, since that should be the focus right now, I might actually keep the rest for another post.

Yep, work has started on the second trukk. Actually, it did somewhere in January, when I laid out the wheels, flatbed and front bumper on the cutting mat and figured out the general layout of things. It then sat there and taunted me while I kept trying to get my thesis done as soon as possible.