Sunday, 2 August 2015

Gorkamorka kommishun - blunderin' about

Still trying to kick into a proper working pace, I'm slowly overcoming all the crappy moods and bouts of pessimism. I'm way behind the schedule I was hoping for. By now I'd wanted to have at least all 20 boyz done, and I'm just barely skirting half that number. Wonder if I can somehow get those done until the end of next week. I want to get on to the vehicles dammit.

Meanwhile, here's a group shot showing the boyz in their current state, all 10 of them, 7 of which are done. The shooty nob on the right needs minor work, while the two boyz in front were just test-fitted together and need gluing, filling and detailing.

Also, filled another page with more gunz. Kannonz this time with a row of blunderbusses to finish it off (hence the post title) Fun stuff, you get to steal designs of everything from rifles and shotguns, to grenade launchers. And by "steal" I mean "get inspired by", of course.

Now, the minis. First of all, the slaver got finished off with a shoddy blunderbuss slung around his back. Just in case enslaving someone won't cut it.

Next, the shooty nob. Got his backpack done, with a backup blunderbuss, in case someone gets too close to kannon him to bitz, bunch of spare shells and a stikkbomm for good measure. Also, finally figured what to do with his other arm. Teef knuckles, in case all of the above fail to get the job done. All that's left to do is sculpting up his neck and tongue to fit with the savage orc head.

Yay for detail that won't even be seen most of the time. In case anyone's wondering, here's how I made the shells: put some plasticard rod into my cheap dremel knockoff drill, clamped it to the desk, voila! Poor man's miniature lathe. Then simply used my modeling knife to turn the groove into it, as well as a right angle corner of an old blade ( the dull part that goes into the knife's grip) Also tapered the end, then cut it off and repeated 'til I had the needed amount. Then, used a hole punch to cut out several small disks out of thin sheet, glued those to the bottom, waited for it to set properly and used the lathe again to trim and smooth them down evenly.

Now, for the new minis. I've actually had an idea for the crossbow guy since the very moment I began working on this commission. It just had to use a leaf spring as the prod. I used the shoota which has a small crank detail on it's body, cut off half off its barrel, the ammo belt and top part of the ammo feed section (which had the good grace to shoot off straight into my left eye without poking it out) The leaf spring was made out of three strips of plasticard sandwiched together and kept bent while glued together and two pieces of rod at the ends. Rest is a square plasticard beam cut in half, some sharpened rod and a piece of wire.

And finally the kannon guy, thrown together just today. Used a rokkit launcha with a bunch of stuff trimmed off, then it was just a rectangular beam, some tube and channels with rod for the magazine. Lots of fiddling with the arms to get it low enough to get the head to fit. Actually ended up having to cut off the grip holding arm at the wrist and replace it with a regular shoota one to get enough room. Pins mandatory, just as with most of the hand swaps. Might have to fill the gaps between arms and body and leave them off for the painter. Might be a tad tricky to make it look good, but the kannon obscures too much of the body just to leave it there glued. Obviously needs a bunch of detailing and maybe a sidearm. Maybe a pack of cigars, since I kinda like him with this burna head.

And that's it for now, somehow ended up writing a ton of text, hopefully it's not too riddled with errors, as it's somewhat late as of wrapping this post up. Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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