Thursday, 31 December 2015

Gorkamorka kommishun - an' dere wuz light... more than just one way, actually. Glad I managed to get this post out in less than a month from the previous one. I was going to on Saturday/Monday, but there was a little delay and then stuff happened and I postponed it till today, for a very good reason, as you shall see. Also worth noting probably is that this is the 20th post on Da Wazgarg Rokkaz. A small anniversary, but an important one nonetheless. Somehow I'm able to keep cluttering this little corner of the interwarpz with my ramblings and pictures despite various swings in mood and resulting productive output. Over 3600 views were accumulated since I started in late May, which I have no idea if it's a significant number, considering I only applied to Natfka's banner roll. That's not important though. What's important, is that there seems to be a handful of people who like my work enough to keep checking back every once in a while. I would hereby like to thank you all for this silent encouragement. Furthermore, I would also like to thank Greg and Tim for not so silent encouragement by leaving feedback in my comment section, glad to have you guys here.

Okay, that seems to have turned into a bit of a summary post, which makes sense, seeing as I'm writing it on the last day of 2015. But enough's enough, time for the good stuff and pictures.

The big trukk is pretty much finished, as far as the major things go. I might add a separate reinforced ram, as the current one is attached permanently, but that's it. Finished the last of extra armour panels and added some chain to tie down the stowage. I might just be growing up to the decision to finally glue the engine on along with the exhaust stacks so I can add the mounting brackets and connect the driveshaft.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Gorkamorka kommishun - space created

I don't even know when a month has passed since the last post. Like, I was certain it's been two weeks or so since the last post until I checked. I'm actually disgusted by my atrociously slow work. Which gets me depressed. Which in turn makes it even harder to work on stuff. Vicious circle... There was some stuff accomplished since then though, so there's that. On both vehicles, but most importantly, my workplace. Let's get on to it then, shall we?

The big trukk had a bunch of stuff done, pushing her quite close to being completed, I think. First pair of extra armour was added, as well as a rollbar, and some stowage. The blue exhaust parts were finally glued to the engine block, and had some detailing, welds and damage done to them.