Tuesday, 30 June 2015

"Da Boss Killa" Looted Wagon

Okay, so this is the second to last of the catch-up posts. Work on The Project has started, but I'll wait with posting, so that I've a decent amount of material to show. For now, the looted wagon. My first finished vehicle and also quite the conversion, took over a year to finish due to being a testbed for all things conversion related, bunch of direction changes, breaks, lack of motivation and so on.

It's pretty much just your regular looted wagon: get an imperial vehicle, take it apart, reassemble with lots of plasticard and stuff, add a turret or two, rough it up, etc. However, while I did have a rough idea at the beginning, I did not know how much it was going to evolve as the work went on. The name "Boss Killa" comes from a few of my first 40k games where I've fielded it in a very unfinished state. In most of those 500 pts battles it ended up being the last one standing. In two it came under attack by the enemy HQs, the first time by a Chaos Lord on a steed of Slaanesh, which got blown to bits by a lucky rokkit hit after the boomgun shell went wide. The second time it became the target of Saint Celestine who had already used her revive to tank up a boomgun shell which would otherwise have decimated a squad of sisters. Her flamers did nothing to the mighty AV11 and she was subsequently greeted with a boomgun to the face.

Friday, 19 June 2015

'Ard boyz trukka unit

Oh wow, I can hardly believe it's already been two weeks since last post. Time sure flies when you're trying to finish all the bloody assignments on time. But that's in the past now. Semester's wrapped up, holidays have started and I'm winding down after all the rush and slowly getting my room and work desk into shape for upcoming projects. But that's roughly next week, in the meantime, another unit.

A small mob of shield-equipped boyz with a nob, intended to be trukkboyz. Their trukk has yet to be built. They're an extension of a concept from the first unit, that one kneeling boy with a piece of trukk armor. I decided to give myself a small challenge with this bunch, namely using only AoBR boyz as bases and not ending up with a unit of clones.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Whirrr bzzzzz-zap! Big Mek wiv Kustom Force Field

Okay, time for another "stuff I completed before starting this blog" posts. This time it's the first HQ for my army, a Big Mek with a KFF and what can probably be assumed to be a big choppa.