Sunday, 23 August 2015

Gorkamorka kommishun - wurkin' title

Okay, I'm really fed up with the atrocious rate at which I work. Because of that, I'm changing the way I'll be posting updates here. Instead of dropping one whenever enough content has built up, I'll be posting weekly, no matter if I blutacked one mock-up together, or built a whole army. Hopefully the fear of having nothing to post will motivate me enough to cease being an atrociously lazy git.

That being said, measly progress was made. First up, the spanna had his arm assembled and a blowtorch built. Needs a hose going to the button at his belt and a handgun.

Photo quality is slightly worse than usual since I forgot I have to post today and couldn't get enough daylight. Still have yet to buy a proper light setup.

A cautionary tale on why you should do your best not to visit the dok too often. Inspired by all the dok serjery tables from Da Uvver Book, this boy was heavily augmented with a massive power klaw, along with a crude power pack based on the ammo mekanizm taken from an old ork warbike (the one that remembers Gorkamorka). Used a barrel from a broken shoota as an exhaust, along with some plasticard details and greenstuff cabling. First time I did that and boy, is it fun. The ribbed one had a wire rolled inside it for better poseability. Head from the stormboyz kit, representing an iron mask, which affects his enemies with fear. Probably gonna finish him with a cybork shoota arm. And a peg leg maybe for humour.

Decided I might as well make one more regular boy using a savage torso, pretty quick job. Slightly cut up shoota, grenade arm from the stormboyz kit, boots transplanted from a pair of legs I had laying around with the upper part rather damaged.

And finally the last of three nobz, this is gonna be the all-round one, with a shoota and a choppa. Going to make him look heavily armoured, hence the biker nob torso, goes well with all the plates it has by default. Head and iron gob from the boyz kit, so are the legs, boots transplanted from two AoBR nobz I had already cut up for other transplants.

That's it for the first of the weekly updates, hopefully all the boyz will be finished by the next one


  1. These are looking great Mike! The powerpack powerklaw guy is awesome. And I love the spanner you made for the other one!

  2. All of this is very very good. Please continue!