Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Gorkamorka kommishun - sluggin' forward

Yeah, so after the last post things went rather unexpectedly downhill. Nothing serious really, just that I hit another one of those periods when there's no point to anything and I can't ever seem to get anything done. It went on for a week. Since I was completely unable to get any creative work done, I decided to settle on re-creative instead. I just sat comfortably in my bed, took out a sketchbook I got specifically to draw stuff for this project that sat unused so far, because I hate my drawing skills (or lack thereof) and went about sketching down all the gunz found in Gorkamorka rulebooks' illustrations. Well, almost all of them, there were a few designs I opted to skip (again, lazy days). A slow drawing session later, this was the result:

What it provides me with, is quick access to handy reference on a single piece of paper. Which is especially useful when trying to come up with my own designs. Not having to flip through the entire book every few minutes helps immensely and makes copypasting ideas way easier.

That being said, since I still couldn't seem to find my way with miniatures, I simply kept sketching, this time using the reference to come up with a handful of my own designs, resulting in a page filled with six-shootas and sluggas, two common Gorkamorka weapon types. Both being single handed and usable as close combat implements, easy to see why the orkz like them so much. First three rows are six-shootas, the rest are sluggas.

By the end of the drawing I was eventually starting to regain my willpower, though in the meantime I still did clean up my PC desk out of sheer desperation. Finally, however, I got back to finishing the three minis that lying around in various states of completion. First up, the blunderbuss boy had his gaps filled and got a shoulder pad to better denote him having some form of armour.

Next up was completing the savage orc-based slaver. Equipped with bolas made out of a broken biker chain and a grabba stikk, he had some missing musculature sculpted, along with a pair of shoddy boots. Still needs some sort of a firearm, most likely gonna be a blunderbuss as well.

Finally, the six-shoota yoof/boy. His left-hand gun was actually built before all the sketches were made. In fact, it was probably the last thing I got done before the low mood has struck. I included it in the drawings for the sake of completeness. Biker torso, burna head, his other six-shoota was based on one of the sketches.

Close-up of the gunz.

And sadly that's all for now, hopefully now that I'm feeling more positive I can make up for the wasted time. Thanks for reading and see you next time.

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