Saturday, 4 July 2015

Rokk 'ard, ride free - Da biker nobz

Alright then! Last one of the catch-up posts is here. That means the next one will be of an ongoing project and it should hopefully continue like that. Those are the last minis that I've finished, a trio of nob bikerz that were painted together with the looted wagon.

Once upon a time I bought a box of bits and various crap that looked reasonably useful for its price, though later it turned out to be mostly crappy recasts of various ork parts and I kinda set it aside. Once I actually dug through it fully, I found about ten old ork warbikes, along with a bunch SM/CSM ones. Ended up trading the SM ones to my local crack dealer* buddy for some more ork bitz and decided to see what I can do with the rest. Since I usually tend to overcomplicate things on the first go, I went for nobz rather than regular bikerz, meaning I'd have to make sure they're bigger than regular warbikes.

The first one I decided to give a typical classic cruiser layout, big front wheel, long forks, low in the back and all that. Front trukk wheels turned out to be just the right size as they're smaller than the back ones. For the rear one I used a wheel from the old warbikes. Started out by cutting out the engine block and fuel tank part and playing around with proportions and placements till I got somethign interesting.

Then started building up the shape of the bike with plasticard and copper wire. Used the old bike's back for the... well, back. Suspension made out of a cutoff deffkopta part (guess someone was converting them to bikes, heh) Also, a bunch of bits for the gun and exhausts. The plasticard shape making up the bulk of the body was covered in various tek-lookin' stuff.

Now, since those were supposed to be nobz, I didn't want to use the regular warbiker legs from the kit, since they're boy sized, so I decided to make my own. In a rather painboyish fashion, I cut up two AoBR nobz to get each leg in the desired pose and glued those together. Afterwards kept applying greenstuff until satisfied and went about recasting the result.

Here's the start of the second bike. Same procedure, except wheel size swapped and killa kan leg for exhaust. Headlight on the first one was one of the lamp bits that come from I have no idea where with one of my resin bits added to the back, greenstuffed up and cast for future uses. Also, in the bottom left corner you can see the concept for the second bike's dakkagun.

For the third one I decided to loot a Chaos bike. Slapped a track instead of the rear wheel to make it a tad longer and used a new warbike front wheel.

Scratchbuilt the dakkagun and the ammo drums on the second bike and half of the dakkaguns on the third one. There's a plasticard gun and GW ammo drum on one side and opposite on the other. The front was later built up/ lenghtened with the prow kinda thing.

Also, bunch of stowage and other detail, like dials, handlebars with brake levers, cables and dials were added. Here's a compilation picture of all three built. Nob torsos are from the boyz kit, the bikerz kit and one is yet another chopped up AoBR mini. Two power klaws had only the klaws replaced, one was converted/scratchbuilt.

Here's the lot after pre-shading. I absolutely love the look it gives and find it hard to continue painting in fear of making it worse. Which hopefully wasn't the case this time.

And here's a couple macro shots, 'cause why not. For some reason, most are of the first bike. They kinda do expose that I'm a lazy and hasty painter. Also, they'll have to receive a coat of proper matte varnish later.

Aaand that's the end of the last post covering the miniatures I've finished so far. Thanks for reading and see you in the next one, covering ongoing work!

*plastic crack, of course; can't afford drugs with all the money I spend hoarding ork junk

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  1. Such a great job Mike! These conversions are awesome. I love them! I especially love the little yellow springs on the front tree's of the one bike :)