Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Gorkamorka - da kommishun projekt

'ere it is den! Da projekt wot I kept mentioning da 'ole time. Gorkamorka it is!

Why am I building stuff for Gorkamorka even though I don't really have a playable 40k army after two years? Well, I've accidentally been commissioned to build two Ork mobs for the game and after a bunch of emails being exchanged I decided to roll with it. I'm supposed to build 20 boyz (including nobz, spannerz and all that), 10 grots, 3 bikes and 4 vehicles (mix of trukks and buggies, 2 regular, 2 trakked) The picture below shows what I'm working with. Of course, my ridiculously large hoard of bits comes in handy every now and then.

I'm having quite a lof of fun with it so far. The range of options is naturally way better than your regular 40k boyz mob, which is pretty much all I've done so far and it's great to play around with. Also, since I'm mostly supposed to convert rather than scratchbuild, things are going faster than I'm used to, which is super nice as well. 

And here's the results so far, the bases are 25 and 32mm, the bigger ones for the nobz, to differentiate them from other boyz. I'm trying to make them stand out while not using a whole differently sized model like the regular 40k nobs do, the heads in particular. Regular boy heads make the proportions look way more interesting to me.

The first guy assembled. A nob using a savage orc body as a base, with boot and hands transplanted from an AoBR nob. Exhaust pipe two-handed choppa built using electrical wire and plasticard. Bionik leg along with the boot were fitted so that they give the model extra 1-2mm, which along with the pose and bigger base makes him big enough to stand out as a nob. Rounded out with some greenstuff straps and a slugga.

Second one is a yoof armed with a bow and a knife. The latter being a standard weapon in that it's free to buy and doesn't actually have to be displayed on the model as per Gorkamorka rules. Not much to say, just added a bowstring using some wire, knife taken from savage orc sprue, so was the bow and quiver.

Third mini, also a yoof, this time with a spear and shield. A simple conversion just like the previous one. Leg was cut up slightly to give a running pose.

The crazy bommer. There always has to be one equipped with naught but stikkbomz, even for bashing heads. Savage orc as base with the stikkbomb arm from the boyz sprue, stikkbomz and head from the stormboyz sprue, shoota holding arm with a scratchbuild krak and a tankbusta bomb with plasticard stikkbomb in the back. Greenstuff here and there. 

Here's a work-in-progress nob, this time based on a stormboy and shooty to boot, with a 'uge sod-off kannon. Also gonna have a blunderbuss probably and some junk around his backpack. Head is kinda placeholder, though I do want a savage orc head on this one.

And another work-in-progress, a boy and his blunderbuss. Also a simple conversion. WFB boy legs I had laying around that kinda match Gorkamorka artwork and a blunderbuss with a shoota barrel for the body and some plasticard bits.

That's it for now, just slowly crawling forward. I'm probably gonna try to update stuff as I finish minis, or maybe upon completing 2-3 ones so that there's actually something to show. Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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