Monday, 22 August 2016

Gorkamorka kommishun - just end it already

Can't really find the energy to post an update, but it's been ages since I posted once more. Same old case of "K, I'll post an update on Sunday". Then Sunday comes round and I want to get one more detail finished, then that drags on over two days, then something else, so I move the goal to another day and bam, two months without posting. Probably gonna skip the usual neat post layout for this one. I'm absolutely worthless at everything that's related to making models except the part where you glue bits together. Self-discipline, deadlines, keeping stuff in order, actually working at an acceptable pace, and all that, I'm absolutely rubbish. That being said, pictures:

Got some stuff done, at a disgustingly slow pace, sadly. I hate to admit it, but most of the working time is actually spent sitting and staring at the models, wondering why is nothing going well. I probably have burned myself out on this project ages ago. I hate myself for how long it's taking.

That being said, the hover bike was finished up with some dakka up front and its rider.

Also got the third bike done, simple stuff. Extended front forks, old ork bike front wheel with about fifty little studs made using those little pellets from a water jug filter. Done when I was feeling particularly braindead and needed a job that required no thinking but was tedious.

Some chopped up exhausts, half a shoota and a savage ork quiver, stormboy grenade arm with an axe instead.

All the vehicles got their drivers and gunners finished.

And the trakk got an actual reinforced ram to differ it from the standard weedy one. I wanted to try out a piece of PVC pipe I had left over from making the lightbox.

Also, the trukk got brought mostly to completion. Finished up and detailed the side filler panels, added some railings and most importantly figured out the rear.

As I mentioned, I hated the square, flat, chopped off look. That was fixed by moving the step mounts to the front and reinforcing everything with some cables with a few details here and there, with a small trukk fuel tank or something. Definitely my favourite out of the four vehicles.

Finished the exhaust tips too, here's how all the undercarriage detail looks.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and see you next time.


  1. Conversions are awesome mike. Don't be down on yourself for not posting as often, when the posts are of this quality. The lurkers will still be lurking, taking inspiration from all your wonderful ideas!

  2. As always your work is amazing. I've got to echo what Greg said though - you really don't need to be so critical of yourself. I see the updates when they pop up on my feed - I don't know about anyone else but I don't check back on any kind of regular interval. Every now and again I see there's new stuff and check it out. Without fail I'm blown away!

  3. Wow. These are simply incredible. So much originality here. Amazing.

  4. Models are just great! Very orky and gorkamorky) Lots of unusual usage of stock bits that I'd be looting most definitely.
    Also don't know if it helps — I feel meself that way most of the time concerning both working on my minis and posting. Cheer up — rare cool stuff is much worthier than flood of crap))