Monday, 4 July 2016

Gorkamorka kommishun - enter da dakka

Yep, yep, it's finally here. As mentioned in the previous post, work has currently turned towards armaments and equipment for the vehicles. It seems I'm finally managing to find a decent approach to all this, resulting in less downtime and such. Summer heat has also backed down a bit, helping keep the progress going.

The results so far are all the four mounts and gunner bodies done and magnetised, which means I can now go on with building all the interchangeable weapon options, so that they can be freely swapped. As seen in the picture, so far I have (left to right) the 'eavy shoota, linked shootas, a spear chukka and a rough idea of a harpoon gun. All are still in need of some rivets and decoration, as per usual.

As mentioned in the previous post, each gunner is held in place with two pair of magnets, one in the foot, one in the hand, which keeps them firmly in place and properly oriented. Below are some examples fitted together using bluetack.

The harpoon gun on the big trakk. Gunner is a standard torso and legs, with a shoota arm adjusted at the wrist. The gun itself is a winch from the trukk kit, WFB ork spear tip and a plasticard tube. Needs an extra tank perhaps, some hoses and of course the harpoon cable, along with an upgraded tip.

Spear chukka on the trakk buggy. Gunner same as above, except for a slugga arm. Leftover of an AoBR nob slugga, some tubes, savage orc arrow tip as well as self made ones plus trukk boost kanista make up this one.

The 'eavy shoota on the trukk. With the big shoota from the trukk kit as a base, another barrel was added along with a cut up magazine, some plasticard, sliced up slugga and other bits. Gunner comes from the trukk kit as well.

And finally the linked shootas on the buggy. Trukk gunner, two shootas glued together, some plasticard to fill the gaps and a reticle. Might add something more to it.

That's all the progress for now, but not the end of this post. Recently the blog's hit some numbers I would like to share.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

Seeing as this blog began it's life roughly a year ago, I think this is a pretty decent result, considering the several hiatuses and overall sparse (to my tastes anyway) posting, as well as lack of advertising effort on my part. All the more I would like to thank everyone that shares my blog with others, helping me get a little sliver of exposure in the ocean that is the wargaming blogosphere. Also, it would seem I got myself some followers recently. Even though I don't exactly know what that means. Is it when you add a blog to appear on that reading list on Blogger's homepage? Regardless, I would like to thank Scott for featuring me after my last post and say hello to Rictus, who's also one of my big inspirations. It's quite a rewarding feeling when the people who have inspired you, follow you back. Also thanks to Greg and Tim for their feedback in the comments. I hope the following year will bring even more content for you to enjoy.

That's all for now, apologies for my untidy writing, but it's 4am and I really wanted to get that update out today. Also, this means I've been working on this commission for a year, while I originally intended to be done with it in three months. Zog.

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  1. Great guns of orky goodness mike. Loving the little copper wheel detail. There is just such lovely character in all your orks. Such a pleasure to see you working on them! That flies right back when I'm working on mine, trying to push it just a bit further to see how crazy I can make things!