Sunday, 27 November 2016

Gorkamorka kommishun - vehiculz dun

Well, I could go on and rant about how this all took to long, but I'll just get to the point instead. About a week ago I finally ticked off all the items from the vehicle list, thus making this part of the commission complete, leaving me with four orks and ten grots left to build. Of which I currently have only two spannerz left.

Here they are in all their fully-equipped glory in a group photo. As you can see a bunch of stuff was added since the last post. Armour plating, weapon mounts, and several gubbinz. Pretty much everything is magnetised or removable, making everything highly customisable and allowing certain stuff to be swapped between vehicles.

Now on to individual shots, showing all the features.

First, the big trakk, which was already showcased, but I'll repeat that for the sake of completeness. Six separate armour pieces, gunner and driver all magnetised. Tracks are pinned but not glued in place for ease of painting. Wheels fit snug and can be swapped between vehicles. The biggest and heaviest of all four, can fit a bunch of boyz, lotta scratchbuild, plasticard, cables and all.

Now the trukk. Probably my favourite from the bunch. I think I really managed to nail the speedy profile I wanted. And then I managed to make a set of five armour sections that compliment the bare shape really well. Crew magnetised, less scratchbuild then the previous one, but more coherent with satisfying use of existing parts. Really like the detailed undercarriage, seen in previous posts.

The trakked buggy. Rather simple use of leftover chunk from the Big Trakk kit. Four armour bits that can quite transform the look, along with two interchangeable fronts, one looking more sturdy and reinforced than the other. Didn't really get what I was going for with this one, but it's not that bad either.

And finally, the buggy. Three armour parts, a reinforced ram and a blanking plate for the gunner's cupola. Mostly kitbashed from trukk parts, with just a few scratchbuilt bits. Also really happy with how it turned out, particularly the hotrod shape and the exhaust array.

Vehicle accessories: gubbinz and gunz. Two assault planks, which can be used on both of the trukks, grabbin klaw and a wrecking ball which can be mounted on both trukks and the trakked buggy and a full set of weapons, which can be freely swapped between all the vehicles. Left to right: spear chukka, linked shoota, 'eavy shoota, rokkit launcha, skorcha and a harpoon gun.

Below is a handful of photos showing the vehicles from various angles with different loadouts and occupants, to give you an idea on how diverse all the optional stuff makes them look.

That is all, until I get the last two spannerz done and post the final four boyz and ten grots in one final sum-up post. No idea if I'll be able to cram everything in a single photo, since the group shot in this post has pretty much exhausted the capacity of my lightbox. That's a lot uv bitz!

Thanks for reading and see you next time.


  1. So worth the wait. Wonderful stuff.

  2. Just stunning! Gonna be referencing them when assembling me trukks most definitely.