Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Gorkamorka kommishun - space created

I don't even know when a month has passed since the last post. Like, I was certain it's been two weeks or so since the last post until I checked. I'm actually disgusted by my atrociously slow work. Which gets me depressed. Which in turn makes it even harder to work on stuff. Vicious circle... There was some stuff accomplished since then though, so there's that. On both vehicles, but most importantly, my workplace. Let's get on to it then, shall we?

The big trukk had a bunch of stuff done, pushing her quite close to being completed, I think. First pair of extra armour was added, as well as a rollbar, and some stowage. The blue exhaust parts were finally glued to the engine block, and had some detailing, welds and damage done to them.

The rollbar was taken straight from the trukk kit and pinned into place. Feels pretty sturdy, I can lift the whole thing up with it and it doesn't seem to be falling apart.

 Also started on filling out the front with some grille mesh, slated armour and a skull from the warbiker kit. Figured out how to put the driver of this one together as well, gonna use arms from the trukk driver. He already has a magnet stuck in his butt to keep him in the seat.

Buncha stuff going on in the back. Fuel lines were added, the empty space in the middle was filled with random stowage consisting of spare track links, a slugga, Tamiya bag and assorted junk bits. The bumper had bits added and a pair of extra shocks were added to the sides. Just need to chain it all into place

And the sides sans skirts, showing some of the detail.

The buggy had some detailing done around the cab and gunner position. Extra pipes were added, along with a piece of floor, some torn up rag wraps and welds.The driver is also pretty much finished with a slightly modified slugga and a steering wheel made from a piece of wire bent into a circle and greenstuffed over. The wheel is attached to the hand, while the steering column stays with the car. Just gotta find a nice head with goggles, either from warbikers, stormboyz or AoBR deffkoptas.

The extra armour bits were also detailed up, but I forgot to put them on. Oops. Also, had a look at the Gorkamorka books. Apparently the extra armour is limited to three bits on a warbike and six bits on vehicles, so I think I'll be sticking six on the trukks and four on the buggies. All magnetised of course.

Now, for the new workplace... TADAAA!

Nah, just kidding. That is the old setup, actually halfway through replacing the PC desk, with the screen and stuff already gone. Hardly optimal, after moving houses with my family I just grabbed two leftover desks and stuck with that. The chair actually obscures a pile of 40k related boxes and my giant toolbox army case.

Here's the snazzy new setup, still so new it's actually a bit unfinished. Gotta add the shelves in the back for storing whatever crap I pile up in there and finish off the rim of the large panel in the back. It's pretty awesome already though, being 2 x 2,2 metres, with 70 cm deep sections, there's enough room for everything I might possibly want to dump in there, including a dual-screen world domination control centre (I've had two screens for a year, but no room to set both up), the building section with plenty of room in the back corner and most likely a painting station to the left, once I set it up. The PC desk is one part, 130x70 cm, the rest is completely separate, as it would be an absolute bitch to put the whole thing together in one piece. The old corner desk is going to be relegated to casting duty, as it's in a poor shape already. The old PC desk is currently holding all the typical desk mess so that the new one can stay pristinely clean as long as possible.

That's it for now, see you next time. Hopefully sooner than a month.

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  1. Really awesome stuff. There is nothing wrong with a slow burn project. Often times they end up the best. Stick to it, do it little here and little there. Take the down time as time to think about the overall design. Looking forward to seeing more excellent work.