Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Gorkamorka kommishun - keeps bugging me

Ueeegh, I'm hardly in the mood to write anything extensive this update. It's way overdue I posted one, though. The secret project was finished, hopefully I will get to show it to you soon. This means I can get back to Gorkamorka full swing. Which at the moment isn't very swingy at all. No idea why, everything is just seems so difficult to work with and figure out and on top of that, I don't find any of my ideas satisfying enough. One good thing is that I finally got the first part of my new desk assembled and set up and it's pretty sweet. Finally I can have a dual screen setup. The workdesk will follow as soon as the store restocks the pipes and fittings I still need. But enough ranting. Picture time.

More work was done on the trakk buggy, all the suspension/wheels/treads is done. Also added a simple front bumper, extra armour and started on the driver's cab.

I intend to leave both the wheels and track assemblies unglued for ease of painting and in case of the former, swappability as one pair will have spikes added, to represent one of the gubbinz options.

The rollcage is going to be extended towards the back and will serve as a mount for the big gun. I wanted to have it going over the driver and into the holes on the FW part, but I guess there isn't really a good way of doing that and having the driver easily removable.

So far, the bumper and the extra armour is magnetised. The former can be attached upside down depending on preference and will get a much sturdier and meaner replacement to portray the reinforced ram addon.

The armour is magnetized as well using tubes that fit over the suspension mounts. It stays on quite well, yet is easily removable, allowing for it to be taken off as it gets knocked out during the game.

The driver is removable in case he chooses to leave the vehicle. The seat slots into two tubes on the chassi and a magnet in the back holds him in place.

Overall it's not looking too shabby, although I'm far from being super satisfied with it. Maybe it'll grow on me as I add the remaining features and a ton of sotwage, decorations and such. Still, there's the same issue the trukk has, a tiny cab leaving an awkward gap between the front wheels and the tracks with no good way of filling it.

Anyway, that's all for now. See you next time and thanks for reading.


  1. Wow this is damn good. Very creative. Of course I have questions: How did you make that roll cage? I need something like that for my Nux Car exhausts.

    1. Uhh, the same electrical cables as last time. Unless you mean how I bent it into shape.

      Also, I visit your blog every once in a while and those Fury Road cars look really nice. Pretty clever to run them as Dark Eldar.

    2. Yeah, I am about to get back into it. Not sure whether to just go full blast with Dark Eldar, or try to make warboyz from the movie using various parts from other kits. Dark Eldar is kinda unique in some ways...and easier so I may go with that...