Sunday, 25 October 2015

Gorkamorka kommishun - progress is buggy

Sorry to keep you waiting for another update. Originally I intended to post it last Sunday, but since I have Mondays free, I thought I could squeeze a bit more progress into it. But then I rushed back to the secret project, then it got dark and so eventually it kept getting postponed for the whole week.

As you can see, I started on the trakked buggy that was mocked up a while ago, as well as began building up the back of the trukk. That means I can finally have the tracks kept in place in a somewhat stable way. Same goes for the buggy, as soon as I copy it to the other side, I can start figuring out the body.

Although not very visible in this shot, I used the leaf springs that came with the big trakk along with some plasticard to keep the rear axle at the desired height. Two fuel barrels from a Tamiya 1/35 allied accessory sprue make up the auxiliary fuel tanks. There will be a bunch of details added, including a pair of shocks and a bunch of stowage to fill the empty space in the middle.

I ended up not cutting the frame for the buggy, since it ended up working better the right side up. Just needed to trim the front a bit to fit the turbine. A while ago I purchased an old Hellhound, which was basically the old Chimera model with metal fuel tanks. That means it came with a bunch of road wheels the new kits don't have anymore, so of course I had to recast them for future use. Luckily, the model was assembled with super glue, meaning they were quite salvageable. The track links were made out of plasticard in three different designs and recast as well. Took a bunch of fiddling around to get a good shape, but eventually I managed to put it together in a way that looks good and makes a bit of sense. Suspension assembly is done as well, just need to copy it for the other side. At this point I miss working in 3D, I could just clone and mirror the whole thing in three seconds. Alas, that doesn't work here.

For once, the photos have decent lighting, since I remembered to take them during the day. Still going to be a while before I get a good photo setup, probably after I get my new work desks done. Those are currently underway, just waiting for the shop to cut my countertops and gotta get a few more plumbing pipes and the PC desk will be done. Once that is figured out, I'll just repeat the process for the work desk and finally I will have enough space for building, painting and casting at the same time.

Anyway, thanks for reading and see you next time.

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