Sunday, 4 October 2015

Gorkamorka kommishun - can't fix woz broken

Just take it apart and try again instead. I've had a small hiatus from the other secret project, so I went back to try and figure out the trukk and it's issues. I stripped the plating from the front only to discover that the problem lies even deeper. I kept trying to figure out just what is wrong until I took a look at my sketches and it finally clicked.

Front wheels were misplaced. Simple as that. Whereas in the sketch they were in line with the front engine, on the model they ended up in the middle between the two. The reason being there was a neat spot for top suspension mount. That in turn made the front feel unnaturally long and made it impossible to come up with anything decent looking.

That being said, I ended up tearing the front apart a little and taking the suspension off. Also managed to slice my left index finger in the process, because I will never learn not to apply force to a blade towards your hand. Wheels got moved forward a bit and then I set about building a new front, a combination of thick pipes and heavy, teef-shaped plates. Still needs a lot of decor and stuff, but I feel much happier with it than the previous iteration. The other thing done was adding a set of exhausts to the smaller engine and another pipe to the left smokestack.

Some minor progress on the third nob was made as well. He got his kustom shoota built. Choppa arm, shoota body, extra magazine, half of a stikkbomm chukka and a choppa head along with some plasticard. Still gotta figure out the other arm to go well with the pose and add some armor.

That's it for now, kinda lacking after missing an update last week, but there's only so many things I can work on at the same time. Thanks for reading and see you next time.


  1. Sorry about the finger Mike. Happens to all of us...all the time!

  2. That truck looks every cool, and most of all original. Can;t wait to see these guys painted.

  3. Moar updates! We want more!