Thursday, 4 June 2015

Whirrr bzzzzz-zap! Big Mek wiv Kustom Force Field

Okay, time for another "stuff I completed before starting this blog" posts. This time it's the first HQ for my army, a Big Mek with a KFF and what can probably be assumed to be a big choppa.

The base for this model was an AoBR nob with his choppa cut off and replaced with the control handle. The other arm was also a choppa arm, taken from the nob sprue, with a portion of the blade cut off. It then had the chain part cut off another nob choppa and glued to it. The big wrench part was then built using plasticard. Backpack is simply half a kan engine, with some Tau landing gear or something, plasticard on top with another Tau bit and a part of a resin axle I made once. Cable made with guitar wire and steel cable, which wasn't that great of an idea.

The whole idea for this mini started with that cybork head I found on the nob sprue, though during the building process I eventually decided to swap it for a regular AoBR one with a mek eyepiece. What followed was just a bunch of detailing, rivets, a set of tools at his belt, an exhaust for the backpack, some cables here and there and a few odd bitz along with the band symbol on the KFF. Oh and the screw in his mouth.

And an ugly photo showing his base being built, with a regular boy for scale.

Just a single mini this time, thus a short post. Thanks for reading and see you next time!


  1. Mike! That is an awesome conversion. Fantastic job!

    1. Hey, thanks! I drop by your blog every once in a while, some cool stuff there. Keep the rusty dread mob stompin!