Friday, 19 June 2015

'Ard boyz trukka unit

Oh wow, I can hardly believe it's already been two weeks since last post. Time sure flies when you're trying to finish all the bloody assignments on time. But that's in the past now. Semester's wrapped up, holidays have started and I'm winding down after all the rush and slowly getting my room and work desk into shape for upcoming projects. But that's roughly next week, in the meantime, another unit.

A small mob of shield-equipped boyz with a nob, intended to be trukkboyz. Their trukk has yet to be built. They're an extension of a concept from the first unit, that one kneeling boy with a piece of trukk armor. I decided to give myself a small challenge with this bunch, namely using only AoBR boyz as bases and not ending up with a unit of clones.

There were 3 different body patterns used (not counting the nob ofc) and I'd say the end result looks diverse enough. Tried to keep them simple, without a lot of complex scratchbuilds, so that's mostly limited to the shields.That being said, wip shots (or actually just unpainted pics):

As you can see, it's mostly plasticard shields and various combinations of arm kinds, too keep the poses varied. Some minor weapon mods here and there, such as a shoota cut down to make a slugga, alternate magazines or extended muzzles. Two boyz got their legs reposed to give them more of a running stance. This time around I tried for quick and simple mods. The nob had a bigger, more impressive shield with the band's symbol on it made, a bosspole and his klaw was kustomized with bigga klawz and a shooty bit, since his other hand is busy holding the shield.

Here's closer shots of finished boyz

And here's a compilation of photos I took more recently with slightly better lighting. Still not perfect, but I'll eventually get to having a softbox and 3 lights.

And that's it for now. I guess next time's gonna be the tank, since I try to do these in roughly chronological order. Thanks for dropping by and see you next time!

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  1. The shields are inspiring Mike. Love how they came out! Great character in these guys. Good and propa ard boyz!