Thursday, 28 May 2015

In da beginnin' dere wuz da shootaz

Alright, so here we go with first of the posts that detail all the stuff I've finished so far. I'm gonna space those out so that they cover the period of time left until I'm done with this semester and can dig into hobbying proper.

Those are the first fifteen boyz that I've finished. Didn't really have a clear goal in mind, except for some shootas and maybe 'eavy armour and I played around that with conversions and such, slowly figuring out how to get stuff done, etc. They were mostly a test-bed and training grounds for everything, from cutting stuff up and removing mould lines to working with plasticard and reposing and so on.

If memory serves right, this photo might be showing the very beginnings of my first conversion:

And the filename would suggest that this is the first boy I've finished:

 Here's some more of those first guys:

A close-up of the big shootas. It took me the longest time to figure out what to do with the left arm of the leftmost boy. In the end I think I went for a choppa arm with the choppa removed ang gave the big shoota a strap to balance it out.

One of the simpler jobs, the reloading boyz. All it took was to cut off the magazine, make a hole where it would go and glue one of those spare mags to the open shoota holding arm. They also got some plasticard shoulder pads. The guy with the front grip had a choppa arm used.

Here's the whole bunch finished, before they got painted. Work in progress wagon in the background.

And so we get to quite a significant moment. My first painted miniature, as pictured right after the deed was done. It actually was just over a year ago, 22nd of May going by the date of the file.

Here pictured with the rest of the first 5-ork batch that followed shortly after.

And finally some present-day photos taken with a semi-decent setup

Of note here is my first attempt at sculpting other than gap-filling. Shell holders and hair on the shotgun boy, done with a cheap filler putty. Still, it was a start.

And that would pretty much sum up the first 15 orks I've finished. There are some mistakes, missed mould lines and other minor faults, the paintjob not exactly what I had in mind, the oranges in particular, same for the bases, but it was a start and a ton of useful experience to apply on what was to follow.

See you until next time!

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