Sunday, 24 May 2015

'ere we go! - introductory post

Woooo, got the template roughly figured out as far as colours and stuff go. You can probably tell I'm pretty bad at this and I, as a design student, should be ashamed of such a rampant lack of web design skills. Alas, I am not.

Nobody cares anyway, so let's get to the good stuff.

Orkz. Specifically the focus of this blog, my (atrociously) slowly growing army, Da Wazgarg Rokkaz. The name was conceived using that old ork glyph chart thing and boils down to two main components: Waz - synonym for the colour red, also meaning speed, excitement and fright. One of the more common glyphs nowadays, it's the arrow thingy.
The other one is Garg, less known as it's just a square shape. Means huge, terrifying, noisy and powerful. Sounds pretty good for what I intend to be a mix of Goffz and Evil Sunz, leaning heavily towards Kult uv Speed. Goffs to represent a penchant for 'eavy muziks (hence the Rokkaz part) and Evil Sunz for the speed-crazy petrolhead aspect of my take on the greenskins.

Once I had that figured out, the colour scheme was mostly a formality. Went with the good old denim and leather look, with some off-white straps and belts to contrast with the otherwise dark clothes. Armour plating, weapons and various other painted surfaces come either in black (duh, Goffs) or various shades of red and orange, sometimes venturing into yellows. Mostly on the explodey stuff. Of course a ton of wear and chipped paint on anything metal with some checks and similar patterns here and there. Hardly the most exciting colour scheme, but it works for me and doesn't look too bad.

Especially considering that painting isn't really my focus as much as the conversions are. Since the moment I decided to get into the tabletop with an Ork army (the only option I considered) I knew I want to stick to one of Orkz' defining characteristics: no standardization of any kind. Which means I want to have every single model in my army converted to some degree. At least a repose of some sort on the most regular of boyz, but more often than not it means converted weaponry and armour. Plasticard features heavily, along with a host of various other materials, especially as unit cost goes up meaning more and more scratch built parts. I've also started using greenstuff recently and I'm quite happy with the possibilities it offers.

That's enough text for now, more will come as I'll write up a couple of posts focusing on each of the units completed so far, along with WIP shots. For now, enjoy a few more pictures.

Picture quality varies as I've yet to get myself a proper lighting setup and thus I'm mostly reliant on daylight. 

See you until next time!


  1. I like 'em. Really captured the texture of rusty metal, with out going out of scale. People tend to go crazy with battle damage, making big holes and dents and such. very subtle, but it adds up really nicely.

    Very cool.

  2. Hey, first comment on this blog, thank you and welcome!

    I do try to make my orkz look proper worn and dirty, as they should be and I agree, sometimes it takes care to avoid going overboard. While I'm happy with the boyz, I feel like I overdid it on the tank though. Maybe not on the whole thing, but I definitely want to get the pigments off the tracks and do them again. Right now they blend too much with the rest, while I intended them to have a dark, contrasting metal tone.